TRIBRating offers cross-sector, country-specific methodologies calibrated by reviewing historical financial and behavioural information covering the majority of companies in each country with revenues between €10m and €500m  over a 10-year span, so as to cover a full credit cycle.


In addition to quantitative data, our methodologies incorporate expert qualitative analysis that reflects the dynamic nature of companies’ businesses, industry profiles and supports our forward-looking credit views.

Specifically, our analysts test companies’ stated objectives by assessing the impact of future changes in their business environment as well as their organizational and management capabilities. 


Funding opportunities may arise where there is an ability to differentiate credit risk levels amongst smaller companies.  

The depth and breadth of data used to develop each country methodology allow TRIBRating to position each company on the global rating scale.

A significant number of SMEs and MidCaps whose data was used to develop these methodologies would have obtained a score of BBB or higher under the financial profile component of the TRIBRating methodology scorecard⁽¹⁾.

A rating may create more opportunity for investment grade funding for smaller companies.


With TRIBRating, market participants can compare the credit risk of SMEs and MidCaps against other asset classes.

The new methodologies used by TRIBRating are designed to position SMEs and MidCaps on the full-spectrum, well-known global rating scale.

TRIBRating enables more informed decisions when it comes to SME and MidCap funding in Europe.


TRIBRating’s offering uses easy-to-understand methodologies, featuring an intuitive and detailed scorecard.

The scorecard framework provides a transparent description of the key considerations that underpin our credit assessment and allows for immediate comparability across issuers for each credit risk driver.

TRIBRating’s offering also allows market participants to compare our output with their own views and perform their own analysis using the same framework.


TRIBRating is a brand of Euler Hermes Rating GmbH, the first credit rating agency to be registered under the EU Regulation on credit rating agencies, delivering independent credit opinions on SMEs and Midcaps.


A confidential credit assessment with a forward-looking
view, with input from a credit analyst.


A predictive financial score for an
initial evaluation of credit risk.


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